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Our services

Shipping Trailer, equipment and cargo by sea to St. Petersburg, delivery in Russia

The shipping will be fulfilled with such shipping companies as FINNLINES, TRANSFENNICA, DFDS, STENA LINE
from Antwerpen, Bilbao, Luebeck and Kiel. We possess our own transportation in St. Petersburg port.
Experienced drivers deliver your goods or vehicles not only to any part of the city, but also throughout Russia.

Cargo insurance

Additional cargo insurance (this service is especially for those clients who want save money).

Manufacturers certificate

We get you the important information about your equipment or vehicle. That will help you to save time and money on your importing process.

Help with buying the trailer

We support you in purchase, delivery to the port, customs clearance and other processes.

Check report / inventory of equipment

Check report is carried out in English. You will get the original via shipping post.


Reloading is fulfilled by experienced team in the port directly.

Goods Quality Control

The control is carried out in English with attached photos.


This kind of certification is important for products of plant origin.

Customs clearance

Import, export, T1, EX1, CMR …

The collection of the goods, consolidation

The collection and delivery of a small amount of goods.

Transport logistics

We plan for you optimized delivery routes to reduce your freight costs.

The Customs Service in St. Petersburg

Our colleguages in St. Petersburg help you with all types of customs clearance. You will be satisfied with their service.

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